Little Tribe

Once upon a time…

It all started with a dream. A pretty beautiful amazing idea where we were all kind and helping each other. And the we woke up!

The fashion industry today is something else. Its normally hard work for minimal salaries in unhealthy environments. This is NOT what we want to support when we buy that pretty little dress for our daughter.

How about we start something else? A business where the employees get a fair salary for the work they perform and where we give back to the community as much as we possibly can. So we did! Our kids clothing label Little Tribe was founded in South Africa in the beginning of 2016.

Projects: Right now we´re helping out a Wielie Walie, a pre-school in Smutsville, Sedgefield, Western Cape. Run by teacher Anne since 2001. The kids are in need of breakfast, school lunch and teaching materials. During the school holidays we provide pap (which is maize meal – a flour made of corn), sugar and milk – to feed kids in the area who doesn´t get a daily meal when schools are closed.

Together in this we are one little step closer to make the world a better place fo all of us.


18-20 Juli, 11.00-18.00


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