Bicycle Beat

A visionary band born in the streets of Stockholm. Playing improvised house, hip hop, afro-beat, jazz and Balkan on Bicycles, Baritone sax and Alto sax. Filled with energy and heart.

It all started of the summer 2015, when the two musicians Johan and Mårten, got a spontaneous idea – let’s leave our rehearsal studios and late club gigs for a while and try something different! With a baritone sax, a mini drum kit and a bike, they took place at Drottninggatan in Stockholm and started grooving, all improvised stuff and the crowd around them started to grow until the whole street was totally blocked and police had to stop the session to let people trough. People loved it, the coins were flowing in, videos spread over the globe, and there was no doubt this band would do some great things. The amazing alto saxophonist Björn joined the band, and he trio started building a repertoire of original songs blended with favorite hits.

Four years later Bicycle Beat has made several tours in the Nordics and Scandinavia, at streets, on weddings, birthday parties, festivals, clubs, conferences, demonstrations, groups trainings, open ceremonies for things like bike lanes, public transit and art exhibitions.

The band recorded their first album at Nataraj Studios called “Bikers”, only recorded in livesessions. In november 2018 the band went into studio for their second album, this time with guest artists, that will be released in spring 2019.

Since the start, this band has had a moral driving force, to be the change we want to see. Sharing the contributions from the streets with brothers and sisters in need, supporting initiatives towards an environmental and social transition towards a more humane society and a planet we proudly can leave to our children.

Lördag 20 juli, kl 22:00-23:00

Surfers Corner

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