Greta Gröndahl

Greta is a bright, adventurous and grounded student of life who believes strongly in exploration, connection and self-discovery for oneself and one another.

She is a 400 hr yoga teacher, massage and sound therapist and has been teaching a big variation of yoga styles/ forms like Hatha, Ecstatic flow, Vinyasa, Yin and Shakti flow for over 5 years in more than 10 different countries. Greta believes that everything is growing from the same seed, love. Her service is to share love and be a support on peoples journeys towards a more conscious, alive and loving life. As a teacher she is honored to meet her students where they’re at and walk the path from there.

Alchemy of the heart 

Come join the opening of Hallifornia with a loving yoga sequence connecting to your inner most truth. We will focus on invoking the magic living in your bones, hearing the music playing in your soul, building the fire in your muscles to find harmony with our power and self knowledge. A fun, inspiring and conscious movement that will guide us back to the path of our heart.


Torsdag 18 Juli, kl. 09:00-10:15



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