Michelle Baker

Michelle Baker is a Holistic Mentor, Yoga Teacher, Ceremony Curator, Writer, Breathworker, and Reiki Master. Sweden is her home-base, but New York is her first home and where she began her journey into mindfulness and holistic living. She is the mama of the House of Alchemy, which encompasses Tiny Yoga Space and The Loft Space for Healing, which recently opened in the Swedish west-coast surf town of Varberg.

Michelle is a transformational mentor specializing in empowerment and self-worth; working with hundreds of women and men supporting them on their path of inner growth. Her work has taken her around the globe and most recently introduced her to collaborating with some wise, spirit seeking women creating and leading international retreats, and trainings.

Coffee is her vice. Food and Ceremony are her medicine.

Michelle weaves her 1000+ hours of yoga studies and energy wisdom through out her classes to create a sequence that feels intelligent within the body. The main purpose of this class being to mindfully move our bodies with our breath. The sequences always follow an intelligent progression that moves from basic to complex while maintaining focus on good alignment and sound structure. If you are desiring movement, flow, variations, balance, mindfulness and strength, this is an ideal class for you. All levels are welcome, as many variations are provided to accommodate how your body is feeling, however knowledge of basic yoga postures is recommend.

Lördag 20 Juli, kl. 09:00-10:15




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