Soundhealing med Greta Gröndahl

Greta is a bright, adventurous and grounded student of life who believes strongly in exploration, connection and self-discovery for oneself and one another. She is a 400 hr yoga teacher, massage and sound therapist. She has been teaching all different variations of yoga styles/ forms (Hatha, Ecstatic flow, Vinyasa, Yin, Shakti flow..) for over 5 years in more than 10 different countries all over the world, she believes that everything is growing from the same seed, Love. Her service is to share love and be a support on peoples journeys towards a more conscious, alive and loving life.

As a teacher she is honored to meet her students where they’re at and walk the path from there.

Sound Healing
A transformative and great tool to shift our brainwaves into a more relaxed state. Through frequency and sound it’s we down-shift our normal beta state (normal waking consciousness) to alpha (relaxed consciousness), with the majority of people able to reach theta (meditative state) and even delta (where internal healing can occur).

This experience is for anyone who wants to give themselves a moment of relaxation, healing or gain the benefits from meditation, even if you are one of them who has not yet learned how to access it on your own. A sound bath allows us to go to a deeper place where we can arrive in relaxation without complicating how to get there, we practice surrendering and trusting the sound to do its work while we will be lying down restoratively or sitting up. Science has proven that pure sound immersion of minimum 20 minutes will deepen relaxation response in our nervous system.

Torsdag 18 Juli, kl. 10:45-11:15



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